OYO Restaurant


Another fab dinner at the @VandAWaterfront, this time at OYO. As an Indian person, the name did pose a raised brow but I’m chuft to report back that it was quite lovely. They’re another establishment that is participating in the Master of The Trade Routes winter special. And I must say, that they were probably the best prepared spot I’ve been reviewed so far.

There were two options for each course but this was what I chose.

Parma Ham, fior di latte mozzarella, stewed peaches

Chefs pasta of the day: Tagliatelle, cream, parmesan, tender stem brocoli

SA cheese board with mosbolletjie and preserve.

The parma ham was AMAZING! Silky, luxurious and the perfect combination with the mozzarella and stewed peaches. The fruit had that blushing hue that it takes on from the skins and the micro leaves were a treat. I would definitely eat that again.

The pasta of the day was bit of a disappointment. It was too creamy and simply lacked the ability to make an impression. The other option was a trio of SA dishes: a chicken curry, bobotie and line fish. I loath bobotie. For someone who would try anything once, that is saying a lot. There’s something wholly creepy about egg touching the mince. Gives me the heebee’s just thinking about it!!

Dessert was quite lovely. A good selections of cheese, melon preserve and some beautifully ripe fruit. Unfortunately though, the mosbolletjie was inedible. If I’d thrown it at a seagull, the bird would’ve come off second best. If I magically started being able to aim.

This winter special is open to everyone so all you have to do to enter is go to the resturant, try the signature dish and click through to the FB app and review it.

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