City Grill

I must admit, these restaurant reviews are starting to kill me. The food is rich and sometimes delicious but it’s also wrecking my hard work being done with drill sergeant, @RushTush, at @360Training. Let’s face it through, there are worse complaints to have in the world.

I lunched at the City Grill yesterday. It was kinda eerie walking down that sea-facing corridor at the Waterfront. All the wait staff were arranged along the wall wearing Tim Burton-inspired smiles as a potential patron walked by. Yes, it’s winter and things are tough in the restaurant business, so if anyone can arrange for more sunshine in CT, that would be rad. (&hearts, k)

So about lunch. Being a steak house, I naturally opted for a good hunk of moo. The fillet was cooked well, medium-rare and succulent. The sauce was a luxurious mixture of mushrooms, garlic, red wine, cognac and of course, cream and the beast was seated on a wedge of baguette with thick cut fries. It was a hearty lunch and I had to pace myself because there was dessert included in this Master of the Trade Routes deal.

The brandy pudding with nuts and dates with warm vanilla custard was just the right amount of gooey. After the steak main though, I was pretty much comatosed. At R120 for two courses, it’s pretty good value for money. The other options for mains are: Loin chops with a Dijon sauce with pomme puree and something else and a fusion chicken dish. And for dessert, there is also a baked Bar One Cheese Cake.

It’s a no mess-no fuss kinda jol. Meat and cake – the SA way.

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