The Quarterdeck

The 80’s was a particularly shocking era of food. Fruit mousses, topiaried garnish, tri-coloured pasta and ice-cream and cream of bleh soups. The Quarterdeck is definitely one of those. It can be found at The Portwood Hotel at The Waterfront and might’ve quite the deal back when it was built but needs a bit of TLC these days. The corporate dorks dining with their laptops weren’t quite the mood generator either. 

My cheffy chef, @neiLLanthony, joined me for dinner and from the moment the waitress brought out those manicured little balls of butter, he was in stitches at this 80’s throwback.

They have quite a wide range of Malay-inspired cuisine, as well as an a la carte list – this menu is LONG, so take your time. On the other hand, my decision was pretty easy because their winter special was a piece of salmon done in a creamy (AGAIN) lemon sauce with pumpkin mash and a beautiful parmesan crisp. Neill had a beef curry with sweet potato mash and even he was nicely surprised, right there in 1984.

PS: camera pics (even the iPhone variety) do not do food images any favours.

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