Josephine’s Cookhouse @JosiesCookhouse

@KyleKnight00 and I

I’m a HUGE fan of the work done by the Societi Bistro team. They’re great hosts who leave the flavours of the best produce lingering on the palate.  This new venture, Josephine’s Cookhouse is no different. Head chef, Kyle Knight @kyleknight00 (seriously epic last name to go with his SERIOUSLY epic food), was once a sous at the Bistro and has since moved on to this spot that was apparently once home to Caveau (I don’t get out to the burbs much).

My partner in crime at these events has become the gem of the food community, @MattAllison. Matt had his wedding reception at that site just a few years before and told incredibly romantic stories about the river running in front of the space and rolling greens on the property. At present, the wooden floors and tables give it an earthy feel, which fed into my melancholic mood.

So about the food: it was all delicious with an Italian bias. If I were to rate the dishes according to preference this is how it would go:

  • Sage gnocchi
  • Crispy squid
  • Bruschetta with bone marrow caponata

Even now, when I think back to that gnocchi, I smile. It had a pillowy texture and bang on flavour. AMAZING. The crispy squid was simply delicious and that bone marrow caponata, as heart stopping as it was, is inspired. Really.


Boundary Road, Newlands.

021 686 1437

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