Willy Monfret

Yes, I’m a tad hung over for a Thursday morning but that’s because I went to see Willy Monfret @MonfretWilly last night at @ReserveCapeTown. He’s an international super model, the star of Nicki Minaj’s new video and a DJ. No, there isn’t much this blue-eyed beau cannot do.

I went on a mission to try and get a pre-recorded interview with the guy for #2girls1mic and instead, he agreed to come chat in studio tomorrow. With a bleary eye and a pounding head, I mailed him this morning. Fingers crossed here ladies, you want to know more about this Frenchie in the accent!! Seems that @MensHealthSA and soon @Woolworths_SA will be using his debonaire good looks. Very good choices to both publications. Bravo.

So we had dinner at The Reserve. Loads of leggy creatures, bubbly with sparklers and French being spoken everywhere. It felt a bit like a scene out of an F-TV clip. While I didn’t really get to chat to Willy (with a table of 30 of his closest pals), I can say this much – he is incredibly purposeful with his voice and his gaze would make any woman melt in her seat. Case in point.

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