I want direct access to the action at the best of times and during the Olympics is no different. I’m a self professed twitter addict and there really is no better way to feel completely connected. Here are a few of the athletes and personalities to follow in 2012. Note to self: find instaram wielding divers. STAT

Sport Techie

Allyson Felix is very responsive to her 40,600 fans on Twitter

By Greg Lee – Email  |  Twitter |  Articles

There are many entertaining Olympians on Twitter, but here are 10 you should definitely be following as the Opening Ceremonies are now less than a month away!

Lolo Jones (@lolojones) – U.S. Track and Field: She gained notoriety recently by admitting she’s a virgin on 60 minutes and let the world in on her incredible life story.  She is known for speed and ability to jump over waist high child safety gates (harder than it sounds). She is the odds on favorite to medal for the Americans in the 100m hurdles.  As for her Twitter account, her tweets are pretty funny- if you can stand her obnoxious scripture tweeting fans.  At the very least, if her tweets aren’t funny they tend to be insightful.

Quintessential Tweet: “shhh… don’t tell…

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