Ice Cream Ninjas

I have been in love with the @icecreamninjas since I first visited them in Tyger Valley Mall a year ago. It was there that I learned that peanut butter and ice-cream were the perfect match. I have never looked back but to check out the junk in my trunk

The last time I went was on Ching Chong Chuesday when you can battle a ninja in rock, paper, scissors. If you win, you get 10% off your dessert. I played for double or nothing and got my Peanut Butter Bomb at 20% off. Truth be told, I woulda paid double. Vanilla ice-cream, Oreos, flaked almonds and of course, the nutter butter – it’s almost too heavenly to think about.

PS: I shot & made the clip wit iMovies. Not bad for a first attempt. Yeah?

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