The Bastien Gonzales Treatment

I love the @OOCapeTown. It’s one of those spaces in which I feel completely pampered. Their beverages (coffee, soy milk chai latte’s or cocktails) are always a delight and their high tea is beyond charming. The experience truly in worth every star awarded.

I’m a bit of a spoilt sow and I’ve spent some time at their spa. The most recently trip was to have a manicure and pedicure the Bastien Gonzalez way. This treatment is like no other mani-pedi you’ve experienced. It’s a dry treatment that marries the worlds of podiatry-theory and spa-luxury.

Bastien was once a professional skier who retired after numerous knee injuries. He was referred to a podiatrist to help him recover and decided that he wanted to be part of this profession. After travelling the world with nothing but his bag of podiatry tricks, Sol Kerzner found him. Bastien treated Kerzner and the rest was history.

There are only 10 locations in the world that offer this treatment and while it is the most expensive mani-pedi one could have, it ushers in a new way to think about hands and more specifically, feet. The regular experience of soaking your bottom 10 until the skin is soft and then using an abrasive tool actually breaks down the collegen in the skin. I was interested to find out that the skin on the foot is only 7 times thicker than that of the face – sounds like a double standard, no?

The thing I enjoyed most about the treatment was the synchronised hand and foot massage. It really is a treat. We’ll be giving a Duo treatment away on Friday during #2girls1mic. All u have to do is answer the question: what nationality is Bastien Gonzalez? Include my twitter handle, @KaminiPather, @2OVfm, @OOCapeTown, #2girls1mic and your answer in the tweet. Remember to listen in between 1&3pm on when we’ll have Bastien in studio.




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