fresh hand pressed citrus juice

braised beef brisket with oyster mushrooms, snails and garlic butter

couverture hot chocolate and dolce du leche with steamed milk and charcoal salt

I couldn’t help but lift this paragraph directly from the press release. It is what Jacques Eramus, restauranteur, interior design and all ’round artistic visionary said when asked if the bread was freshly baked.

‘It is at the crack of dawn each day that we add the happiness of bubbling yeast to flour. Strong hands knead soft dough and heirloom bread tins are gently filled to the brim with the day’s manna – in anticipation of the warm oven.  The coffee grinder groans with the perfume of coffea rubusta and citrus fruits sacrifice their last moments of wholeness…’

This wholly charming and sophisticated man has transformed the space on the fan walk into a bastion of impeccable taste and unquestionable style. It’s an ever-changing expression, clad in muted tones and inspired accents. The food is seasonal and thoughtfully presented. And the blood orange juice, which needs a separate mention, has an almost creamy texture. It’s like nothing I have ever tasted before.

Media lunches are usual set menu affairs but not for Jacques and the Hemelhuije team. I can recommend the aubergine with olive cream and a hint of gorgonzola served with walnuts, match sticks of pear and watercress, as well as the beef brisket with cauliflower puree, snails and oyster mushrooms. I also tried a forkful of the macaroni cheese bejeweled with bacon and apple sauce – it’s a flavour combination that can only be justified once you’ve tried it. Spectacular.

Take a look at what Jacques has to say about his Hemelhuijs

71 Waterkant Street, Cape Town


021 418 2042


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