Robertson Winery Introduces Sparkling Wine

There are few things that complete a day or night quite like a long-stemmed glass of bubbles. Yes, I am rather taken by the glassware but it’s also the look and taste of this effervescent friend that have me ordering it by the bottle at almost every venue I go to.

Robertson Winery has recently launched a new range of sparkling wine just in time for summer. At a mere R50 a bottle, they definitely win on price. The range includes a sweet white with flavours of yellow apples and melon, a sweet Rose’ imparting a ripe strawberry note and a Brut (my favourite) that offers a crisp Granny Smith and pear aroma that is accessibly dry.

To win a case of this sparking wine tweet me a sparkling wine-inspired rhyme (see what I did there). Be sure to include my twitter nick, @KaminiPather, as well as @RobertsonWinery. The winner will be announced on the 5th of October when Robertson’s will be in studio to do a tasting on #2girls1mic, so tune in


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One thought on “Robertson Winery Introduces Sparkling Wine

  1. If this range of sparkling wines is so awesome,
    then Pleeeeze give me some Moresome!

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