Win a signed copy of Gordon Ramsay’s new book

We all know that Gordon Ramsay is a multi-talented chef. He has 12 Michelin Stars, restaurants all over the world, cooking shows that all include an F-word or three and 12 cookbooks. My personal favourite fact is that he used to play professional football until he injured himself and had to retire, which was when his affair with the kitchen began. From what I gather, he has always been a saucy gent and somehow, as he gets older and those delicious lines on his face deepen, his appeal increases. [insert cold shower here]

If it isn’t clear, I’m obsessed with Gordon Ramsay. As a minor testament, my most prized possessions are my GR glassware. Somehow, drinking some regular ol’ OJ feels so much more enchanting. *Swoon*

Besides the glassware, I have a set of his pots as well. They have a certain finesse whilst still being heavy set much like his brow. Gordon and I go WAAAAY back, as I’m sure you can tell, and I am thrilled to announce that everyone will get to experience a little bit of him as well through @CheckersSA, as he has been getting involved with their butchery.

Take a look at this brawny Brit in this a sneak peak of the advert launching later this month. You’re welcome.

Because I love you all dearly, I’ve got a signed copy of Gordon Ramsay’s latest cookbook, The Ultimate Cookery Course. To enter copy and past the following words on twitter:

Yes, @KaminiPather is right, @GordonRamsay01 gets me percolating too. Thanks @CheckerSA #RamsayRatesCheckers

Winner to be announced later today, 19 Oct 2012

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