A Sunday In The Country

I don’t get out of town often enough. While the joke is that I break out into hives if I venture too far from Bree St, I’m always willing to take the chance. Besides the wind, this is my favourite time of year. The sun is at its optimum temperature and strength making laying out in the sunshine an absolute bliss. Being a brownie, with my #365tan, spending hours in the sun means only one thing, awful tan lines, my mortal enemy.

I recently took a drive out to Franschhoek on a Sunday-after-the-night-before and picnicked at Allee Bleue. This is a large commercial farm and while the grounds are spectacular,  much like so many others in that area, the blue pillars that line that driveway draw ones attention away from the magnificent, looming trees that tower overhead. It’s quite sad, actually.

Disclaimer: this is a tad persnickety. Do with it what you will. The service at Allee Bleue was great, the setting quite lovely and it felt as though the dappled sunshine shone in all its glory for little ol’ me. However,  for a lunch picnic at an estate of such calibre, one would (I would) expect a little more from the lunch offering. The baguette was the best part of the meal and the selection of cheese and melon preserve, while not wildly out of the ordinary, did save my bacon on that treacherous afternoon.

There were 2 other families there that day and I enjoyed the childlike shrikes from the jungle gym.  The jumping castle might’ve taken it all a step too far though, for two reasons. (1) the generator drowned out any ambient sounds (birds, trees, leaves etc) or general tranquility one might’ve had in Franschhoek on a Sunday and (2) with the right company and amount of wine, I might’ve been inspired to have myself a royal bounce.

I’m not a fan of writing reviews that aren’t gushy and glowing because overall, I had a good day. It felt lovely to leave the city and free the feet from the shoes but I doubt that I would be happy to spend R145 per person for the experience. Ah well, now you know.


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2 thoughts on “A Sunday In The Country

  1. Louis says:

    As always a fresh and realistic review. Thanks Karmony 😉

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