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At the time of writing this blog post there were 35 days, 22 hours and 37 minutes until Christmas. In my family this time of year is more about being friendly to the aunt who’s been grating your carrot for the last 30 years over a 25 course meal served in the glorious heatwave that is Durban in December. That isn’t to say that we don’t do the tree-presents-fruitcake trifecta but somehow (mostly because we’re a shelf-sitting Hindu family) it doesn’t seem to have quite the same feel as it does in other families. (correct me if I’m wrong)

Anyway, this year we’re all being spoiled by @36Boutiques who have put together some really stylish little trinkets to gift others and of course oneself. I’ve spent some legitimate time on the site and if anyone wants to be my secret Sanata, here a list to help you. And thanks in advance ❤


So, here’s a sneak peak of the 36Boutiques Gifting area HERE. No, you won’t get access through the homepage just yet. Go check it out and tweet me the link to the product you adore and perhaps I’ll send you a R500 voucher to spoil yourself with this Christmas. Remember to include @36Boutiques and myself, @KaminiPather in your entry tweet.

Winners announced on Friday, 23 Nov.

Happy shopping!

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3 thoughts on “Gifting ideas from

  1. faeema says:

    Love those shades! Great choices

  2. Jassika Sheikh says:

    Gold plated bracelet

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