It’s wine time in Stellies

ImageImageImageHello lovely people. Apologies for neglecting you and the blog. Life has been amazingly busy. Can’t wait to share the juicy bits!

One of my decisions for 2013 was not to play into the hands of awful PR junkies until I saw this little treat in my inbox for the Stellenbosch Wine Festival, which I can’t attend. *raises fist to the skies*

The event that I have two VIP tickets for is the launch event for the Wine Fest. Ken Forrester, the big daddy of the wine routes, is hosting a cocktail evening and someone as to go in my place.  It’s on Wednesday the 30th of Jan at 15:30 in Stellies, so be sure your boss can be woo’d by your pearl whites.

Let’s make this easy, all you have to do to win this experience is tell me what wine best describes you and why in 140 characters. I’ll decide on the winner on Friday, 25 Jan. 

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2 thoughts on “It’s wine time in Stellies

  1. Julie Cupido says:

    The wine that best decribes me is a Rose cause I am the best of both World’s from a white grape that is dry but bold and from a red grape that is rich in personality and strength 😉

  2. Louis says:

    Spontaneous blog posts are farrrrr more fun than daily mush. Keep us guessing K 😉

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