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I’m out of the race

My loo brew paid the price of some inebriated tomfoolery. At 4:00AM on saturday night the entire vat was spilt. The recepticle is broken, much like my heart. *Sob*. But my place smells like baking bread, which isn’t the worst thing.

Good luck to everyone still in the race.

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Help me design my beer label and WIN tickets to the #CTFOB

Yes, I have beer brewing in my bathroom, “loo brew” as the email thread has deemed it. The gentle gurgle has stopped in the last few days, so apparently it’s time to add the honey and bottle the golden dew. I’ve sourced some honey from the Karoo through local bee keepers and great friends at Gardeners Glory. It’s dark and viscous when compared to the honey from their Newlands, Claremont or Somerset West hives.  It also has a remarkably malty flavour to it, which is going to pair perfectly with my brew, bru.

I’ve decided to call my beer ‘Hunny’ . “Why yes, you may have a Hunny!” *chuckles to self*.

Now here’s  the part where you can get involved. I need a label for my  fine brew and YOU get to design it. Post your gesign label on your blog or email it to me at . Be sure to tweet at me, @KaminiPather, to show me where your label lives on the interwebs. The winning design will go into production and live in the hall of radness forever! Winners will be announced on the 9th of Nov and will get to win 4 tickets to the Cape Town Festival of Beer.

Here are some craft beer labels that I quite liked.

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Cape Town Festival of Beer

When it comes to beer appreciation, I’m a complete noob. It was only in the last year that I discovered the truly amazing qualities of the fine brew and wa-wa-wee-wah, have I been making up for lost time. So many delicate flavours and beautifully golden hues that pair perfectly with Sunday afternoons as well as they do with matured cheese or (and I shall prove this) as flavouring for ice-cream. Malted goodness. *air punch*

There are a few of us bloggers who’ve been invited to create our very own beer. @BangersAndNash dropped off our packages that included a rathe impressive beer vat with a funky anti-explosion valve thing. The package also includes sterilizers, hops, yeast and carbonation tablets, everything you need to craft your own beer. The thing I am most proud of is that I haven’t been checking the sleepy vat every 30minutes so by the time it’s being judged at the Cape Town Festival of Beer at the end of Nov, I’m sure that it’s going to be a treat.

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