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It’s wine time in Stellies

ImageImageImageHello lovely people. Apologies for neglecting you and the blog. Life has been amazingly busy. Can’t wait to share the juicy bits!

One of my decisions for 2013 was not to play into the hands of awful PR junkies until I saw this little treat in my inbox for the Stellenbosch Wine Festival, which I can’t attend. *raises fist to the skies*

The event that I have two VIP tickets for is the launch event for the Wine Fest. Ken Forrester, the big daddy of the wine routes, is hosting a cocktail evening and someone as to go in my place.  It’s on Wednesday the 30th of Jan at 15:30 in Stellies, so be sure your boss can be woo’d by your pearl whites.

Let’s make this easy, all you have to do to win this experience is tell me what wine best describes you and why in 140 characters. I’ll decide on the winner on Friday, 25 Jan. 

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Findus stir fry

I too am participating in the #SleekGeek challenge and one way to get low fat but super flavourful meals is to use influences from the east. Oriental cuisine is full of non-fat based sauces – fish sauce, soy, mirin, rice wine vinegar – coupled with fresh veggies and nuts it really is the smart choice for summer that is hot on our heels.

I recently got sent a pack of Findus frozen veggies that are made specifically for stir frying. I decided to use the pack with carrots, mushrooms, green beans, bambo shoots AND a healthy dose of green chili. I added a few extra bits and bobs and voila – lunch a la sleekness.


1 TBSP Peanut Oil

3 TBSP Soy Sauce

2,5 TBSP Mirin

1 red chili, sliced

Half a block of silken tofu, cubed

1 Clove Garlic, sliced,

2cm fresh ginger, sliced into matchsticks

a handful of cashews, toasted in a pan

a sprinkle of sesame seeds


In a searing hot wok, add a slosh of peanut oil, the ginger and chili, followed by the tofu. Allow the tofu to colour slightly before adding the Findus vegetables. Add the garlic and allow to cook for 5 minutes. Toss in the soy and mirin with the garlic. Be sure to coat everything in the pot with the sauce. Before serving, add the nuts and garnish with fresh coriander leaves.



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Lynelle Kenned

What an absolutely lovely woman. Lynelle Kenned was recently ousted by Jon Boyton-Lee in the #MyTopBillingDream competiton. But she’s doing well and doing what she truly loves, singing opera. Listen to what @Lynnelle_K had to say about life, Top Billing and her gorgeous head of curls.

Thula Sindi


If there were more people as talented, successful and humble as Thula, the world would really be a much better place. He has shown around the world and dominated the South African women’s fashion scene with his strong, elegant designs. It’s clear, Thula Sindi understands women. 

Tune in between 1&3pm 

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Shotgun Tori – Sweet Weather

I’ve said it before, her voice is like whisky and honey. Tune in between 1&3pm to hear her live set and see what’s going on behind the scenes.

PS: watch her in CT

27th July – Obz Cafe with Joshua Grierson

28th July – Nate Maingard Farewell Gig, A Barn in Hout Bay

29th July – bolo’bolo – alternative bookstore, Muizenberg

30th July – Barleycorn Folk Club, Villagers Rugby Club, Claremont

31st July – Oolong Lounge with Wolfgang Marrow, Bloemfontein

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Lauren Wallett’s Top Billing Dream

The SABC3 Top Billing finalists have been announced. It’s been a few weeks of nerves for the hopefuls but the end is near. We will be chatting to @LaurenWallet about her experience during the competition on #2girls1mic today at 13:30, so tune

Lauren and I went to the same high school in Durban and her energy has been apparent since then. Take a look at what I mean.

If you like what you’ve seen, be sure to vote for her by visiting the Top Billing website. Click here PS: be sure to follow her on twitter @LaurenWallett

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I want direct access to the action at the best of times and during the Olympics is no different. I’m a self professed twitter addict and there really is no better way to feel completely connected. Here are a few of the athletes and personalities to follow in 2012. Note to self: find instaram wielding divers. STAT

Sport Techie

Allyson Felix is very responsive to her 40,600 fans on Twitter

By Greg Lee – Email  |  Twitter |  Articles

There are many entertaining Olympians on Twitter, but here are 10 you should definitely be following as the Opening Ceremonies are now less than a month away!

Lolo Jones (@lolojones) – U.S. Track and Field: She gained notoriety recently by admitting she’s a virgin on 60 minutes and let the world in on her incredible life story.  She is known for speed and ability to jump over waist high child safety gates (harder than it sounds). She is the odds on favorite to medal for the Americans in the 100m hurdles.  As for her Twitter account, her tweets are pretty funny- if you can stand her obnoxious scripture tweeting fans.  At the very least, if her tweets aren’t funny they tend to be insightful.

Quintessential Tweet: “shhh… don’t tell…

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The Help

Cape Town was freezing this weekend and I for one cannot be asked to venture out into the horizontal rain. It might be a sign of my age or perhaps a sign of my evolved sense of being (we both know which one I’m banking on).

Instead, I got a DVD. I stood at the rental place with my IMDB app and perused the titles. The one I chose was The Help staring Emma Stone. It’s a complete feel good film. Watch it, it’ll warm your aortic pump during these frosty times.

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Fathers Day Column for Money Smart

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