The Story Of Chocolate

Hi. My name is Kamini and I am a Choc-o-holic.

I have been known to devour an entire slab of chocolate in one sitting.

I do not take any prisoners.

*rocks back and forth*

This is how it all went down…

PS: the pecan nougat was my favourite.

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Jamie Oliver’s Food Photography MasterClass

Great video done by The Naked Chef himself and his photographer, David Loftus.


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Vanity is truly painful

Like most women, I love a pair of high heels. Over the years I have had to get used to the sore feet, ankles and calves that go with the leg-lengthening aspect of these modern day torture devices. After a long night of dancing I have had to sit the next day out due to various aliments related directly to prancing on my toes all evening. Even still, I am not wiling to stop wearing them.

It’s quite primal really, that  increased sense of power with being a few centimeters taller. A pair of well-chosen heels enhances the silhouette and really is the garnish on a great dress. They turn a favourite pair of jeans into a ensamble’ to be reckoned with and I’ve been told that they cause me, specifically, to strut.

In this era of tattoos, cosmetic surgery and shameless self promotion, we are given complete creative control of how others see us. I recently read an article about how women are shortening and removing toes so that they would fit better into their shoes. It’s as though women have forgotten that toes serve a purpose and all that matters is the aesthetic appeal.I for one think this whole malarky might be taking things a step too far.

Take a look at the article and video here. Let me know what you think

It reminds me of what Leanie Van Der Wver said with her exhibition “Scary Beautiful” – “Humans are Playing God by physically and metaphorically perfecting themselves.”

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Kyla Close by @loopphoto

It gives me goose bumps to think that this guy is my friend. @Loopphoto has always been a man with immaculate taste. His work is sultry, yet coy. Truly addictive.  See for yourself.

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Pretty in pink with @36boutiques

When I got the recipe for the week’s insert on the @ExpressoShow I was asked if I could wear something pink in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. And of course I support the cause but I’ve often battled with the colour pink. Becoming a woman wasn’t a walk in the park for this recovering tomboy and even still, I approach it with a caution that can only be likened to that post-tequila night feeling. Luckily for me, @36boutiques came to my rescue.

This dress, designed by Jo Carlin, is what is called a skater dress, which I don’t quite understand in an urban context because I doubt anyone could skate board in such a frock. But where I’m from (the ice rink) a figure skater could look delightful swanning around in little white boots with this free-flowing skirt rippling in the breeze.

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Win a signed copy of Gordon Ramsay’s new book

We all know that Gordon Ramsay is a multi-talented chef. He has 12 Michelin Stars, restaurants all over the world, cooking shows that all include an F-word or three and 12 cookbooks. My personal favourite fact is that he used to play professional football until he injured himself and had to retire, which was when his affair with the kitchen began. From what I gather, he has always been a saucy gent and somehow, as he gets older and those delicious lines on his face deepen, his appeal increases. [insert cold shower here]

If it isn’t clear, I’m obsessed with Gordon Ramsay. As a minor testament, my most prized possessions are my GR glassware. Somehow, drinking some regular ol’ OJ feels so much more enchanting. *Swoon*

Besides the glassware, I have a set of his pots as well. They have a certain finesse whilst still being heavy set much like his brow. Gordon and I go WAAAAY back, as I’m sure you can tell, and I am thrilled to announce that everyone will get to experience a little bit of him as well through @CheckersSA, as he has been getting involved with their butchery.

Take a look at this brawny Brit in this a sneak peak of the advert launching later this month. You’re welcome.

Because I love you all dearly, I’ve got a signed copy of Gordon Ramsay’s latest cookbook, The Ultimate Cookery Course. To enter copy and past the following words on twitter:

Yes, @KaminiPather is right, @GordonRamsay01 gets me percolating too. Thanks @CheckerSA #RamsayRatesCheckers

Winner to be announced later today, 19 Oct 2012

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Demet Karatas & I on the Expresso Show

During my recent twitter interview with they asked me  to describe my personal sense of style. My answer was “effortless, body-aware and feminine” something I feel quite strongly about. I’ve often been that girl who LOVED the skin tight frock near the safety of the rail and then spent all evening sucking in her tummy or pulling down the skirt to cover her wares. It’s uncomfortable and let’s be serious, life is simply to short.

Fashion designer @DemetKaratas recently visit and explained her ideas around dressing and designing for felines. I love that she uses only natural fabrics – silks of every finish and description and leathers so delicious you’d want to bathe in them. Besides being completely fabulous, she’s also particulalry generous. She graciously offered to dress me for the Expresso Show this morning AND cured me from the Rocking The Daisies Flu (yes, it’s an official disease).

So about a Demet Karats design: it’s comfortable and luxurious all at once. This dress was a dream to wear as the fabric fell elegantly and without any help from yours truly. It also looked a damn treat while cooking with Ewan in the Expresso kitchen. 

Check out the Bacon and Egg Pie @Ewan_Strydom and I made this morning.


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Choizo lentils with baby spinach and calamari

Before I headed off to Rocking The Daisies last week I joined the @ExpressoShow team to cook some Chorizo lentils with crispy calamari and baby spinach, harvested by the ever-debonair, @Ewan_Strydom. Friday was James Bond Day and the entire team looks rather amazing.

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Bobotie Quiche

With all this Braai Day celebration I forgot to post the Expresso Show clip from last week. @KiaJohnson1 and I cooked a modern version of a traditional Malay dish

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Tomato Bredie

What a rush this morning on the Expresso Show! Got my face did and got the cooking done in just 15 minutes.

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